<blockquote class='home'><span class='open'>T</span>he educator must believe in the potential power of his pupil, and he must employ all his art in seeking to bring his pupil to experience this powe<span class='close'>r.</span></blockquote> <blockquote class='home'><span class='open'>W</span>e love the school, adore the way you have treated us, and know that Early Years is a one of a kind place. James has benefitted immensely from the teachers and the way the you run the schoo<span class='close'>l.</span></blockquote> <blockquote class='home'><span class='open'>A</span> child needs encouragement like a plant needs wate<span class='close'>r.</span></blockquote> <blockquote class='home'><span class='open'>H</span>ave the courage to be imperfec<span class='close'>t!</span></blockquote> <blockquote class='home'><span class='open'>O</span>ur boys have thrived at NTEYLC. They love going to school and always come home with smiles on their faces. We are so grateful for the strong emotional foundation the school has helped to lay for the<span class='close'>m.</span></blockquote>

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Our Philosophy

Our school is centered on Alfred Adler's philosophies and “the 4 C's”.

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Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs wrote that, “A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water.”

Encouragement is a fundamental Adlerian belief and tool to move people out of feelings of inferiority and into mutual respect and social interest; our goal at NTEYLC.

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